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A Boy Named Bear

A Boy Named Bear


Out Nov 2020

about kaz dalton

Kaz Dalton hails from Brisbane, Australia.

She loves dogs, her family and carbs. 

She is one of Australia's self made hundredaires.

She also loves daring design, brilliant branding, creative co-labs, styled spaces and marketing masterpieces. Occasionally she does creative things, like writing books. ​

If you'd like to know more about her, we strongly suggest stalking her through Facebook. However, the best way to chat to her is to shoot her an email: info@kazdalton.com


“Who are you? I haven't even read your book. How did you get past security?!.”

Leonardo Decaprio, Actor

An absolute gem of a writer. Brilliant rhymes and amusing prose, Kaz is a literary gift to the world of children's books.

Mia Fieldes, Songwriter

Until now, there has not been a book that celebrates the uniqueness of Autism Spectrum disorder. Kaz has brilliantly filled that gap and helped educate others on these special individuals.

Kym Puusaari, Specialist Pediatric RN

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