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Please note that this is available for PRE-ORDER only. This title will be re-printed in July 2021 and orders will be sent out upon their arrival. 

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Meet Bear. Bear has Autism Spectrum Disorder. This doesn’t make him strange or weird, but it does mean that he gets to see the world around him in very different way to most people. In fact, you might even say that Autism Spectrum Disorder makes Bear a very special little boy. This book is perfect for teaching children about ASD and how our differences can sometimes make the difference to how we see the world. Come and take a glimpse into the individual world, of a very special little boy. Easy rhymes and repetition make reading fun! A boy named Bear is perfect for all ages and an essential tool for educating others and showing the beautiful side of Autism.

A Boy Named Bear

SKU: 978-0-646-82207-5

    PRE-ORDER ONLY for 2021 print run.

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